After completing the programme, participants who have regularly attended the activities and reached the total amount of 60 ECTS required for graduation, will be awarded the “Design for Arts” 2nd level Specializing Master’s diploma by Politecnico di Torino.
The diploma will be issued in Italian only.


The Specializing Master’s Programme requires the participants a full time commitment. Attendance to the activities foreseen is mandatory for at least 80% of the Programme. Absences will be allowed up to a maximum of 20% of total classroom hours.
Absences for more than 20% of total classroom hours will lead to exclusion form the Specializing Master’s Programme.
Withdraw from the Programme must be put in writing.
Detailed rules about the exams will be provided during the opening day.
It is not possible to be enrolled in a Specializing Master’s Programme and in another University programme at the same time.