Selection process

After the application deadline, the Selection's Commission will evaluate all the applications received.

Selections will consist in the evalutation of:
- CV and Portfolio: in order to assess coherence, in-depth analysis and type of projects that candidates have developed during school/university, during their professional career and individually;
- education results: Master’s Degree final results specified in the academic transcript and/or average grade obtained as well as time needed to complete the Master’s Degree;
- motivation letter.

The Selection's Commission will assign a maximum of 100 points on the basis of the following criteria:
- Max 20 points for CV evaluation;
- Max 35 points for the academic results (average grade obtained in the exams, number of years needed to get the final degree);
- Max 35 points for the porfolio;
- Max 10 points for the motivation.

Candidates who will not reach the minimun score of 60 points will be considered "not suitable" and they will not be admitted to the programme.

At the end of the selection process, the following lists will be published on the “Selection outcomes” page of the specializing master’s programme’s website:
- the lists of applicants admitted to the Specializing Master’s programme;
- the reserve list.

Candidates who attached all the required documents, who fulfills all the requirements, and who will reach the mininum score of 60 points will see their position in the rankings and their final score on the "Selection outcomes" page.