The Specializing Master's programme offers a complete and articulate multi-training course which enables participants to address the strategic and project-based aspects of creativity with an interdisciplinary approach in the fields of art and design: the outcome of this professional figure will be a product and service designer, with a particular focus on the contemporary art world.

The 2nd level specializing Master is a full time programme (30 hours/week: Mon-Wed-Thu 4 hours in the morning, Tue-Fri 8 hours) of approximately one academic year duration for a total of 60 ECTS; it will start in May 2020 and end in May 2021. Lectures will be held in English at Politecnico di Torino premises.
An internship period in museums, institutions, companies and architectural studios will follow.

The teaching programme includes 4 months of classroom activities and it is structured as follows:
- 14 courses (40 credits – see Table below)
- Internships (20 credits)

Courses will be held by professor of Politecnico di Torino and by experts in the field of visual arts and new media. The programme will include ex-cathedra lessons and project workshops on the following themes: display preparation, the creation of immersive environments, digital fabrication, the planning of products and services, museographical and museological skills, audio/video techniques, workshops held by visiting professors (artists, designers and architects) of an international standing.